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Junior and Teen Sailing Club

Saturday sessions are for RYA Stage 1 and above. These regular clubs help keep your skills up between courses and participants are encouraged to become independent, confident sailors. Age 10+

Book a whole term for a discounted price. Or you can book as you go for £30 per session. Bookings must be made in advance to guarantee space.



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Teen Sailing Week Level 1

Dinton's Teen Sailing Weeks give young adults the chance to get outside and explore an new sport. During the week participants will learn the basics of Sailing, working towards the adult RYA Level 1 scheme. Suitable for ages 13 – 17.


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Advanced Dinghy Sailing Week

Having completed the RYA Stage 4 course and practiced their skills at Junior Sailing Club, the advanced modules help your child to take your sailing up to the next level, covering seamanship skills. 

Pre-requisites: RYA Stage 4 with logged practice afterwards. Ages 8+. 


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Seamanship Skills Weekend

On this course you will learn to handle your boat in a seaman like manner. You will work on advanced Manoeuvres such as Rudderless sailing and enhance other skills and manoeuvres from RYA Level 2 or Stage 4.